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Litecoin Fear and Greed Sentiment Tool

The Litecoin Fear and Greed Sentiment Tool is a comprehensive indicator that calculates the overall sentiment score for Litecoin (LTC) based on various market data points. The final score, ranging from 1 to 100, provides insights into the market sentiment, where extreme fear indicates potential buying opportunities, and extreme greed suggests possible overbought conditions.

Data Points and Weighting

  • Volatility (20%) The volatility score is calculated based on the daily price fluctuations of Litecoin over the last 90 days. It includes the current volatility, maximum drawdown, and average volatility for both 30 days and 90 days.

  • Volume (20%) The volume score reflects the trading volume of Litecoin over the last 90 days. It considers the current volume, average volume for 30 days, average volume for 90 days, and momentum for both 30 days and 90 days.

  • Dominance (10%) The dominance score measures Litecoin's dominance against Bitcoin (BTC) over the last 90 days. It is based on the percentage change in dominance.

  • Relative Strength Index (10%) The RSI score assesses the overbought or oversold conditions of Litecoin. It uses the RSI values over the last 14 days.

  • Bollinger Bands (10%) The Bollinger Bands score indicates the price volatility of Litecoin by comparing the current price with the upper and lower Bollinger Bands.

  • Moving Average Convergence Divergence (10%) The MACD score evaluates the bullish or bearish trends of Litecoin. It considers the MACD line and signal line over a specific period.

  • Stochastic Oscillator (10%) The Stochastic score helps identify potential trend reversals for Litecoin. It uses stochastic values to derive a sentiment score.

  • Social Media (10%) We gather data by monitoring the Twitter hashtags $ltc and #litecoin, as well as scanning posts from the r/LitecoinMarkets/, r/Litecoin/, and r/CryptoCurrency/ boards on Reddit, covering the last 7 days. Subsequently, we feed this data into a machine learning algorithm that categorizes the sentiment as negative, neutral, or positive.

The final sentiment score is a weighted average of all these components, providing traders and investors with valuable insights into the overall market sentiment for Litecoin. It's essential to consider all these factors collectively to make informed decisions about trading and investment strategies.

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Feel free to share or embed our Litecoin Fear & Greed Index image widget. There is an absolute path and an always refreshing permalink to an image of the latest index available. It updates automatically every 15 minutes. No JavaScript required.

Set Sentiment Alerts

Set up personalized alerts to monitor sentiment values closely. Simply define a target sentiment range (from 0.01 to 99.99) and specify whether you want to be notified if sentiment rises above or dips below your set threshold. The moment conditions align, you’ll receive an email notification, ensuring you never miss a critical sentiment shift. Each user can set up to 10 active alerts.

Direct API

We also have an open API so you can collect sentiment data directly from us. To access the API:

  • API: https://litecoinlion.com/api
  • Endpoints: /sentiment/, /history?days=3
  • Method: GET
  • Token: Register to get API token


GET https://litecoinlion.com/api/sentiment?token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XX
  "price": "81.62",
  "date": "August 12th 2023 2:00pm EDT",
  "sentiment": "49.14",
  "timestamp": "1691863203",
  "sentiment_label": "Neutral",
  "market_label": "Hold",
  "next_update": "476"

Data is returned with the following JSON variables:

  • price is the value of 1 litecoin in USD at the time of getting data.
  • date is a full date and time of the last sentiment update.
  • sentiment has the sentiment value from 0-100 at time of update.
  • timestamp is a unix timestamp of the last update.
  • sentiment_label is the matching label for current sentiment.
  • market_label is the matching market label for current sentiment.
  • next_update is the time in seconds until the new sentiment is calculated.